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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ketagih buku :)

Within past few years.. I noticed that i love to collect/buy books.. Especially motivation book..hmm, kinda addicted to it.. :)

suka je membiarkan diri tenggelam di alam buku.. Of course most of the book that i read, i manage to finish it within one day :) Except yg tebal2 like ensiklopedia, buku Tun tu..and then buku Innovator's DNA..

Dalam 5 bulan pertama tahun ni.. Saya sudah ada lebih 10 buku.. Antaranya hasil nukilan Prof muhaya.. 4 books from her..(and a few yg bg kat adik2.. Actually all of her book she wrote, i buy :) Cant resist it :p).. Judul2 lain "kenapa Rasulullah tidak pernah sakit, ensiklopedia asmaulhusna, excuses (brian tracy), law of universal attraction, the Innovator's DNA, Doctor in the house( alamak lupa la plak exact title for this)..
And a few yg dah bli awal2 taun lupa la plak..

Buku2 yg saya baca currently affect my life So much that im glad it actually did it :)

Oh disebabkan saya suka baca buku.. I tend to give book as a present to my frens and collegue too.. :) Cant avoid it.. I think buku yg the most valuable and have sentimental value..

Oh btw, tulis blog semasa sedang berkonferen untuk mengelakkan mengantuk dan penceramah yg So So.. Idea tulis blog pon macam sendu sebab ngantuk2.. Ok la daaaa
(sambung tido oppppsss)

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