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Thursday, February 18, 2010

tha day that i want to remember :)

i get an early anniversary present from my lovely hubby..

It's something that I've been wanting so badly :P

and now... i own it.. yeah!

thank you dear..

thank you very much..

i love u :P

4 corat-coret:

Dee said...

apalah tu ye..happy advance..

Puan Tod said...

happy anniversary..smoga b'gia sll.. :)

Syahrul Nizam & Rahayu said...

wah! bestnya dpt hadiah! nti mak dah masuk keje kita gosip-gosip ehh.. harus mak korek rahsia aper hadiah ko dpt nok! kepoh ler katakan! hahahaa!

ermm.. Happy annivesary utk korang berdua... moga bahagia & berkekalan smpi akhir hayat... amin!

Yang ikhlas,
Awek cun sedang bercuti di besut

Anonymous said...

Salam Sue...
Happy Anniversary...
Semoga berbahagia selalu...

-che ruslizan

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