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Monday, October 6, 2008

hancur berkecai.. :(

analisis terakhirku..
dah run for almost 2 weeks..before raya rituh n until today (MONDAY)..
then suddenly, plepuk..ter "off" suis komputer..

uwaaaa..ilang semuanya..
huk huk huk..

dengan malasnyer..on balik komputer..set balik die nyer setting..
then run balik..
lepas tu..
terus mengidam nk makan tomyam..


constant reminder;
setiap yg berlaku pasti ade hikmahnyer :)

4 corat-coret:

Nad Eusoff said...

alamak keciannye!

suw said...

what to do dik..
positif positif :)

en_me said...

ko nak tomyam campur ker tomyam daging ker.. ehehe

ita.itu said...

sabo eh suw..dugaan tuh

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