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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

so cuteeee...

i was googling the internet when i suddenly found this 2 cute cat..
so cute la..adorable
tp i tak suke ngat bela kucing term of nak jaga la, tp kalo nengok2..main2 ok jek..jgn soh pi cuci tutttss..haih...i dont like lar ;p
org kate sape yg suke bela kucing tu mmg jenis yg penyabar n caring..kalo laki, ble wat suami (so sesape yg rase nk cari calon tu..ape lagi..mulakan pencarian anda ;))

4 corat-coret:

ita.itu said...

akak pun suka ngk bela x nak..hehe

suw said...

heheh, same la kite kak ;p
kurang penyabar rupenyer kita ni ;)

lily.lulu said...

ololololo ....
geram lak tgk

suw said...

lily: comel kan?

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