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Monday, September 22, 2008

New software?

Almost every day I talk to myself..and i have to
start with
"okay, now, first of all, is:

You know, sometimes using a new software program..
even when you "know" that, in the long run, investing the time to learn using it is a good idea :)
well i would say, it will save your time and frustration yadayadayada!
can turn out to be, well, let's face it..
Sometimes downright infuriating

huhuhuhuh :(

The thing is..if things are going along great....that is wonderful!
 u need a "luck" i would say..
or maybe not!
then u have to find some make it easy to use and intuitive.
soo..if u cannot find one
then u have to  have a LUCK (again!)
im tired!
cis cis..

just put it in my mind
"u must do the thing which u think u cannot do"

5 corat-coret:

ita.itu said...

akak ko nih sofware2 nih mmg hampeh nak paham ye..haha...

suw said...

hehe, sy pon same kak..terpaksa je nih ;p

timah said...

chaiyuk!!!chaiyuk!!!mesia boleh!

MISS J said...

"u must do the thing which u think u cannot do"

errrr...benarkah?? Kalau jehan, I will only do the things I think I can do! kahkahkah...sangatlah tak motivated kan? but it's a good reminder! takpe kak suw, i understand. we are in the same boat rite now. Usaha tangga kejayaan ;)

suw said...

timah; yep..aku boleh! chewaahh

miss J: heheh, nothing is imposible kan? blom cube blom tau :P

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