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Tuesday, September 2, 2008


berkesempatan dok PD laike the envi..heheh

biliknyer cantik skali..gha, jgn menjelesyer..dok dendiam kat batu pahat tu..blajar rerajin tau? ahahahha..(gelak kuat2 sambil tekan perut) opsss!!

tp yg paling best..bkn pasal bilik, bkn pasal input yg kudapat..
i feel that im the most fortunate people in da world..
i feel so relieved..
full of motivation..
semangat baru,
azam baru,

last nite i call my mum..n i think its the best conversation i ever had wit her ;p
thank you Allah..for giving me the strength!
for giving me the opportunity..

5 corat-coret:

ita.itu said...

mmg cantik kan..puashati kalo dpt bilik cun

suw said...

tula kak..puas hati kalo bilik cun..;p

timah said...

hotel mane nih?

suw said...

avillion yang..sudah kutulis kat title tu yang

timah said...

kihkih...tak prasan....tak amek appetizer..trus pegi maincourse...

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