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Thursday, September 18, 2008

adrenaline rush!

4 am now..

its been 3 days in a row..
rupe pon dh nk jd cam zombie ni..

n bile rase takut ngat..sudahnyer..mengapdate blog ler
sbb tu lately asek ade je entry baru :p

hmmm..cara utk mengalihkan perhatian..

back to work ;p

6 corat-coret:

ita.itu said...

mata itam x? haha

suw said...

heheh, tak takle nk bukak mata kak :P

lily.lulu said...

gi layan tv3 online jap ke

suw said...

lily: layan blog :P


nak alih perhatian layan hot fm

suw said...

kak cb88: a ah kak..sambil2 jugak tu :P

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