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Friday, August 8, 2008

new addiction

hmm..skrgni addicted to one book..really inspired me and keep me occupied for couple of days :)

buku tu mmg bagus and im kinda addicted for more..the more i read, the more i love it..
im craving for more..more and more

i feel so happy about this..happy that my new hobby (boleh panggil hobi ke?)ni sgt bagus untuk perkembangan minda..

and im gonna spend my pocket money to buy more..this type of book :p

heheheh..wanna join me?

im so happy lalallalalala more thing..
tarikh ni cun giler kan?
ade sesuatu yg dirancang pada tarikh ini..
tp tidak kesampaian..
but i laike it..
what a..

4 corat-coret:

Miss J said...

tell me about the book

suw said...

bisa aja dong :P

ita.itu said...

wah buku apa tuh

aRa said...

buku ape kah itew??? hurmmmm... suw...dulu berangan nak kawin tarikh ni...agagagaga...lawak kan

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