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Monday, June 9, 2008


smgtku sudah datang..chaiyok2!!


to me, myself;

plz don't quit..

after all.. this is my own one has forced me to do finish it!

regret? dont u dare to say that..

just walk..if you cannot run..but dont stop..


8 corat-coret:

ainmuttaqin said...

wah!smngat sungguh..mana dpt trigger tu?bgus harder..move forward..u'll be there sooner or later..

aRa said...

Yeah...that's the way...never give up k...

suw said...

dr ain; TQ2..hopefully..i wish..

yg tu cari kat google jek hee

ara; yeah!! i hope so..tq2

Lily.Lulu. said...

chaiyokkkkkkkkkkkk !!

Josh said...

Aik? selama nih x bersemangat ke?? Nampak bersemangat je kerja. Gi je bilik semua kata Suw kat lab.

suw said...

lily: yeah!! chaiyok chaiyok!!

josh: ade time bersemangat..ade time down..
time tak bersemangat..slow jela kejenyer
time bersemangat..laju la :p

ezrazlin said...

yes..nicely put!

wanna test yourself in the word walk if can't run..try masuk marathon 20km! then u'll your deep self!


ita.itu said...

wah harus kena semngat lebih ni dik..hehe

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