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Saturday, May 3, 2008

why? n why?

bile keje tgh byk..time tu la rase takmo buat ape2..n nk dok lepak2 jek..why?

lately bile petang je..mata berair, hidung start berhingus (cam selsema) tp petang jek n berlarutan smpai kol10 lebey dah takde dah..tiap2 hari..why?

bile ckp je nk diet..time tu la selere mkn bertambah2..n cpt je rs lapar..why?

bile pikirkan dateline yg smkin dekat..terus rase nk tido (bkn nk siapkan)..why?

bile ngadap PC je..terus nk bukak blog..walhal dalam kepala nk wat mende lain..why?

2 corat-coret:

Lily.Lulu. said...

knp nak diet ..
suw tuh kurus laa
x yah diet2

suw said...

lily: tu tak jadi diet tuh..sebab bile plan je mesti lg byk tak jd la diet..

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