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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

which one is the best?

ade 4 hotel yg nak pi tuk seminar 1-2 mac ni..
1) avillion
2) corus paradise
3) guoman
4) selesa beach resort

lokasinyer adalah PD..
so yg mane best yer utk seminar n tpt yg ok?

6 corat-coret:

timah said...

please go to avillion...its a beautiful place, so i'm told la...never been there but is highly recommended by my its 5 star i think. either 5 or 4 star lah....get the water chalet

guoman pun ok gak kot...but people say its haunted...nevertheless, its a pricey hotel so i guess the hotel must be nice lah, given the price

corus paradise.....had a bengkel there, the hotel is so-so la...u cant swim on the beach, the lift is quite slow to accomodate the whole hotel

selesa beach oklah...the beach is very well kept and very clean. u can swim in it. plus its got water activity i.e banana boat etc...

happy choosing!!!

Josh said...


suwaibah said...

hmm..unfortunately avilion is fully booked..
any other suggestion?i think guoman is oredi out of the list heheh

Ziana said...

but if full...


hadi said...

guomon.....heheh baru fear factor plus seminar

timah said...

full oredi ah?hmm...if i have to choose, i'd choose selesa beach resort lah...sebab boleh berenang di lautan....haha

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