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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Dan in real life

hmm..cite ni ringan n best..

mmg sonok la nengok cite ni..

2 corat-coret:

hadi said... best je cite ni?bosan2 dok menunggu flight ni best gak dok mengomen blog awak ni...

pengajaran cite ni ler yang paling best..morale of the story is

1) DOn't ever try the salsa dance in front ur brother in law

2) Pancake!!!i like to try it one day...can i?

3) the way marie tuuttttttttttt

Best gak tgk kampung kat tepi pantai mcm tu kan..jom honeymoon kat kampung nelayan..hehehe(ada je yang kena sound nanti)

suwaibah said...

kampung nelayan? dok kt kg sy jelah..jimat duit, tak yah gi memane, kalo nk mcm haneymoon sewa chalet kwn yah ngadap pantai heee

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