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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

ala2 jek

pic from the very simple, nice and sweet majlis (well, for me it is..)

from me..
pihak lelaki..
me again...
from both sides..

from pihak lelaki.. me..wearing the red kebaya. actually i wanna wear my new baju (green colour) but then lelaki itu sampai di rumah dan memakai baju me change the clothes...zup zap zup (sekejap jek)

hm..actually i got flu that day.. ngn berair mata nyer ngan hidung beringus nyer..sangatla tidak selesa..kepala pon pening lagi hadoih la

5 corat-coret:

Anonymous said...

congrats my dear fren....another one of my frens taking the next step....cant wait for the big event

suwaibah said...


timah said...

anonymous tu penah nampak jek tudung n baju tuh?asal ko tak online lagik?

suwaibah said...

itu tudung baru la(tudung datuk K hahah)..baju jek baju lame..nk wat cmno, org tu pakai baju merah..takle pakai baju baru aku

timah said... nak kene org tu nih...penat2 wat baju baru tapi tokleh pakai...heheh

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