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Tuesday, January 15, 2008


my routine from the past 2 weeks..

><8.30am= punch card
><6.00pm= balik umah mandi n datang balik UNISEL
i will not going home b4 1230 at night..plg awal la tu..kalo tak i extend till morning

10.00 am= datang unisel
n sambung sampai pg keesokan pg nyer(bermalam di UNISEL le jawabnyer)

less sleep= unstable mood
unstable mood= pimples
argh ge gegegege

friendly reminder (esp 2 my close frens..)
plz plz..
anda dinasihatkan supaya tidak bergurau mende2 pelik bcoz sy sgt2 la cepat terasa..donno why maybe bcoz hormon yg tak stabil vs tak cukup tidur..

so i jadi..
whether too sensitive or too..well u know

hmm.. i think this condition will continue for another few weeks (maybe la)..but i try to remain calm..hmm, this is just temporary..


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hadi said...
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hadi said...

Selamat Berjaya wak...luv u

suwaibah said...


timah said...


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