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Sunday, January 20, 2008

i can't think of the tittle..

ma fren tagged me, as if I have nothing else better to do...
Who cares about getting tagged?

Well here it is...
1) Name one person who made you laugh last night?hadi..heheh, really sweet of you:p

2)What were you doing at 0800?err, yesterday i watched in front of my laptop finishing the "progress report" which is not yet finish lalalala

3) What were you doing 30 minutes ago?doing the OBE..

4)What happened to you in 2007?too much to remember/count

5)What was the last thing you said out loud?argh..not finish yet!!(that was for the paperwork that i have to submit tomorrow

6)How many beverages did you have today? Per'l kacip fatimah..1?

7)What color is your hairbrush? I have a peach hairbrush and a black wide tooth comb

8)What was the last thing you paid for?just now..hotlink prepaid

9)Where were you last night? hmm, very sweet,nice n cozy place..

10)What color is your front door?green (uma sewa maa)

11)Whats the weather like today?Very hot...n sweaty

12)Whats the best ice cream flavor?I love strawberry flavor

13)What excites you?err, a lot..cant think of any rite now

14)Do you want to cut your hair?yep, after the "big day" heheh..not now

15)Are you over the age of 25?Of course not! I am 25 now n will always be 25 heheh

16)Do you talk a lot?YES..I do. Sometimes too much.

17)Do you watch OC? OC? i dont even know hahaha

18)Do you know anyone named Steven?nope

19)Do you make up your own words?cant remember if i have any..

20)Are you a jealous person?Of course.

21)Name a friend whose name starts with the letter 'A'. ani, ana, alah bla bla bla

22) Name a friend whos name starts with 'K'.khairul, kimi..

23)Whos the first person on the received call list.'Hadi'...hes the top on my list who calls many times a day. Tu laki aku lah!(whoops hehehe)

24)What does the last text message you receive? say?
Ler.esok rupenye nak hanto ni yang? sempat ke hanto..from hadi

25)Do you chew on your straw?Nope..light2 ade la

26)Do you have curly hair?I have straight hair...and I refuse to answer like ma fren did.dont be mad ha?hhahaha

27)Where's the next place you're going to?Work, its Sunday today.

28)Whos the rudest person in your life?Too many to list.

29)What was the last thing you ate?err, nips n ground nut.

30)will you get married in future?yep of course.

31)Whats the best movie you've seen in 2 weeks?Cant remember. I dont go to theaters since last month..

32)Is there anyone you like right now?
What kind of question is this?

33)When was the last time you did the dishes?yesterday

34)Are you currently depressed?light2 la

35)Did you cry today? happy today except for the work that i havent finished yet ehehe

36)Why did you answer and post this?Cos I am trying to satisfy my fren who sent this 2 me..heee

37)Tag 5 people who would do this survey.
Alah...whoever wants to do this, please do!

finally, i finish answering this..go back to work!

update on 22/01/08
P/s: rambut i mmg naturally straightla, rebonding2 tak main K?! n of course bkn rmbut palsu..jht la korang nih! i ade rmbut tau..bkn botakcin cm org tu hahahah.amek ko kna balik hik hik hik

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Anonymous said...


hadi said...

hehe..suke jawapan awak no 1,23,24..but no.23..gudsss answer..

suwaibah said... i know why u like those answer..lalalala ;p

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