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Saturday, January 12, 2008


Well, 2007 had not been all rosey for me.. part of the reason being was:-

I did not get the incentives that i've been drooling and worked-my-ass-off throughout the year.

I did not get the bonus (as much as it has been speculated), OMG.. im freaking mad whenever i think of it.. but as a muslim.. i try (although its not easy) to ease myself that its just not my rezeki.. everything happens for a reason.

Anyway.... my new year resolutions this year would be...

I need to really really get rid of those extra kilos..haha! before the ehem ehem..(**blushing :p)


the most important thing is that i want to finish up my master..God, plz help me..hopefully there will be no problem anymore(i really2 do hope so..)

n of course..
i need to get my financial back on track. Now that my Plan A is not happening.

but there are plenty of plans..plan B, if not work then move to plan C, plan D etc etc..(is there any plan actually?)ahahah


i hope that everything will be just fine..

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