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Monday, December 31, 2007


hmm..lawatan ke pulau sayak n batu maung a bit boring la bcoz i oredi went there before this..n not much different.

but to Pulau langkawi..even dah pi b4 bile pi reramai lagi best..ade barbeque tepi pantai,hang out pehtu gi jejalan n shopping sket :)

tk byk shopping sebab takdo bajet..i'll go there next time..nak shopping!!!

bini2 org byk la shopping kat sane..sarat sampai kna mintak tolong student tolong angkat barang nyer barang satu plastic bag yg kecik cinonet jek..tu pon isi ngan coklat je dua tiga keping..hee

survey perfume n jam..murah seh tp since dah bli perfume tu, tak bli la n jam plak takdo brand yg org tu murah2 la.

next time kna pi lagi

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