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Thursday, December 6, 2007


Need to settle everything by the end of this month..

Next week i have to pass up a few things:

SKT on 10th dis..not yet doone, have to dig out all the sijil n document etc

OBE for 3 subject..just finish 1 subject, the other 2 not yet finish huhuhu

Project progress report..need to present on 13th disember..yet, not finish either

VISA to go to INDIA, n get permission from NC of course! tomorrow i'll go to his office

argh..a lot of work to i have enough time to do it? ish ish

this weekend i have to finish everything..

on sunday, i need to go to kenduri kak ani kat tg malim..yg tganu rituh dah tak kna pi la yang ni.BUT i tak bli lagi hadiah huhuhuh

huh! ni la keje last minute..

2 corat-coret:

hadi said...

sempat ke nak buat ni?

timah said...

hmm....aku pong byk gaks keje nak settle by the end of this month...takpe..rilek..bleh siap nyer

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